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One is Adam Cohen, creator of the Nice Jewish Guys calendar, which is graced not with buff athletes but with sweet, mama-loving boys like himself.

“I wanted to carry the torch for all nice Jewish guys,” says Cohen, who adds that for him the NJB means something beyond being bookish, nebbishy or even Jewish.

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the Hebrew should look the world straight in the eye and declare: ‘I am a Hebrew!

Today, a surplus of Jewish and gentile women covet an NJB of their own.In Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint, Alexander Portnoy rails against his overbearing Jewish mother by becoming a deviant obsessed with shiksas and sex. ” Norman Mailer, too, struggled to throw off the curse of the Jewish weakling.“Enough being a nice Jewish boy, publicly pleasing my parents while privately pulling my putz! Mailer “spent his entire life trying to extirpate what he himself called the ‘nice Jewish boy’ from his soul…to overcome that lifelong terror of being a sissy,” according to Norman Podhoretz, former editor-in-chief of Commentary Magazine.“The most manly Jew is more feminine than the least manly Aryan,” wrote the Austrian philosopher Otto Weininger.This became the basis for considering Jews degenerate, says Boyarin.

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